Monday 25 May 2015

Egg Shell Stickers

We've been aware of the Ultra Unpeelable sticker brand Egg Shell Stickers for a while, they have 
printed stickers for the likes of Utah & Ether, Kidult, Insa, 3AYEM, Roid, Erms, and a whole host 
of other heavy street writers. New York is plastered in them, and even in Athens where Utah & 
Ether have taken over every crossing pole, mail box and lamp post, and the inevitable peeling or 
scratching attempts have attempted to ruin them, they still hold strong.

Their make-up isnt like a normal paper or vinyl sticker, once stuck, there is no way to peel or scratch 
the label off cleanly, so most people give up almost immediately. 

We mailed Egg Shell for some samples and they were Generous enough to hook us up with a 
huge batch of NotGuilty stickers, as well as 3 packs of their blanks. They also dropped this marker 
in the package, and i must admit i don't usually like tagging on stickers, preferring the screenprint
method, but this marker is dope, everyone has commented on how the handstyles almost look screen
printed on, and they are rumoured to bleed back through paint-buffs.

Wether you want your stickers printed cut and delivered, or you're after blank packs, they have you 
covered. Just check out their website, or your local graff store, as most seem to be stocking the wavy
border blank packs these days.

For one week only, every order from our webstore will come with a mix of printed, tagged, and blank
Eggshell stickers - & whats more you can get 10% off everything using the code EGGSHELL10 in the 
discount code box at checkout.

Check out their hefty print portfolio and more on the Egg Shell instagram @eggshellstickers