Wednesday, 21 January 2015

Thursday, 15 January 2015

Videos and Movies Update.

Couple of videos floating around worth a watch.

Firstly, City of Paranoia 2. Full and in 1080p. London on a whole nother level..

Cruel, Keep & Co in Sicily by Etna Subway Films

'Lash King Majana Yard 2000' - Half real half fake Rome Subway action with cop chase.. wtf?

Berlins Big Daddy TRUS versus Montana Element Green

And a nice bit of Butt Slut in the yard for good measure..

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Photographer Focus - Express Yourself

Check out the fresh photos of Express Yourself.

Crisp German Action with a sprinkle of elsewhere.


Nice set of flicks from 'Baren' over on Estillo Y Cojones

A quote on one of his panels represents this winter quite well; 

'...Subway War - Just cheap Fame.'


Thursday, 1 January 2015

Fistful of Steel Magazine

The benchers of infamous traffic sites such as Painted Trains, Kingzatnight and Ghentizm
have put together a zine of all their favourites from 2014. 48 pages, A5 full colour, and 
limited to 150 copies. You can grab a copy from here -

Tuesday, 30 December 2014

Hot Spot - Turin & Genova

Slow from FYG's tries his luck on the Turin and Geona Metro's, with mixed results..

Tuesday, 23 December 2014

Xmas Runners

Thanks again to Rob for the pics, a Shiz a day keeps the doctor away. 

Monday, 22 December 2014

Kör baah! - Episode 3

This episode of Kor Baah is nearly 20 minutes long. Dope actions on Scandinavian trains & metros.

Sunday, 21 December 2014

NotGuilty & Aimes - Dope Cans Review.

So Graff City dropped us a decent pack of Dope Cans. We got a whole heap of cans,
markers, mops, and even their roller paint and an energy drink.

On a damp and grey December morning i dragged the boys together and we rolled
down to a private warehouse spot in South Bristol.

My plan was to use the roller paint for the fill, but it was way too damp, so i had to
grab some Ironlak and omit myself from the review, but Aimes was there to take one
for the team, and banged out a piece purely in the paint so you can see what it's capable
of producing.

Straight out the box, it looks good, reminds me of Clash with those black lids. Smells
a bit like Ironlak. We also got some Chrome and Black 600ml but haven't used that yet.

The caps it comes with look like Blue Banana caps (pic 4, 5 & 7), you'd assume they
were going to be skinny, however they were some sort of astro / outline combo cap, how
they did that i have no idea. You could use the stock caps for the whole piece, better than
your average fatcap for filling, yet good for some fast, powerful, clean Euro outlines.

The wall was pretty damp and the paint went on nice and thick, infact it beat Ironlak in
coverage, going on thicker, faster, and while i found i had to give my fill 3 coats, the
letters i did in Dope were fine.

Outline wise, for those with a thick outline, the same cap can be used no problem, however
for skinnier lines, such as the white and the low lights, we used an Ironlak NY Pink stockcap.

Overall, i rated it, for the thick bulky style we did it was great, i can imagine its good for
some punchy colour tracksides where you want to get your shit up quick. I'd be keen to
know how it fairs on steel, but i can't see us talking about that any time soon.

I'd rate it 7/10. On par with Ironlak or Clash (for our style anyways) Better than Pyro
and illuniarty in my opinion. I only managed some roller tags with the latex paint but
it looks good and the colour range is impressive.

Anyways, i'd invite you to try it yourself, it's £2.70 a can,  go take a look here.