Friday, 22 August 2014

Wolume 2

Instead of releasing a trailer featuring sections from the upcoming Wolume 2 DVD, the crew 
decided to make a Pre Episode featuring extras and out-takes (a LOT of chases) from their
last year. A lot of anxiety in this teaser and makes you wonder about painting in Stockholm!

Thursday, 21 August 2014

NotGuilty Issue 10 Out Now

NotGuilty Issue 10 is now for sale HERE. This issues a 67 pager, packed front to back with Uk and
International Train and Subway graffiti. Heavy specials on Aktor (de) Shiz (uk) and Rallye (Sp),
a section on the Yorkshire Train scene. We have an Editor section purely of photography by the One
Man NG Team, and finishing on a DWS special.

Lots of UK & Vienna, plus all the usual coverage from New York, to Australia.

Order today and you may receive 1 of 4 A3 signed printers proofs with your mag.

Check out an Issuu Preview below. Online Shop here, shipping from next week.

Bloggers, if you would like a review copy, mail us at 
Feel free to use and share all the above content and imagery. We appreciate your support.

Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Waterloo Depot 1993

Back when the Waterloo & City line was run by Network Southeast and not the London Underground.

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Fuck Authority

Do you see a pattern here? And do you see which country seems to be missing. 
I dont seem to recall much unrest when a police officer pushed over a middle aged
man who was simply walking home from work, who subsequently died..

Monday, 18 August 2014

Making All Stops - Volume One

Recently contacted by the Author of a new book out of New York called 'Making all stops -
New York Subway photography' asking to make a post online, however now and again i
ask for a copy to personally review, it's only fair!

The book arrived a week later and boy did it not disappoint. Firstly was all the great stuff
they had packed it with, subway postcards, a 1990's subway map, even a still from the
original 'Taking of Pelham 1 2 3' film. And then the book itself, thats going to be hard to put
into words.

If you recall that feeling when you first read Subway Art, the feeling you don't quite get with
todays modern train magazines, that inner glowing and almost breathlessness, thats what i felt
with this book. It's not graff focussed, its filled beginning to end with purely subway photography,
although due to the era graffiti makes a heavy appearance, but these are photo's of all types of
trains that graced the NY Subway in the 70's, from rare colour-ways to prototype models. Photos
of jam packed yards, of fresh trains with the very beginnings of Graffiti showing up, I'd say this
book is equal to or at least next in line to Subway Art, and that's one hell of a bold statement to
make, but it's no lie.

120 pages and front to back with photo's and information, i think if you've even a remote interest
in New York, or the History of Graffiti and the NY Subway, this book should definitely grace
your collection.

It's available on their (quite rudimental) website for about £22, and if this book does well they've
plans to release a second volume, i wish them all the best with that and look forward to adding
Volume 2 to my collection.

Making All Stops - Official Website 

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Auri Sacra Fames - Issue 3 Review.

The people behind German publication 'Auri Sacra Fames' Latin - Hunt for Gold were kind 
enough to send NotGuilty HQ a copy of their latest edition, Issue 3 to check out.

I was immediately surprised with the thickness, at 188 pages, it feels more like a book than
any normal magazine, lots of pages, good quality paper and printing. It's split into sections;
tags, stations, street, S Trains, U bahn, Freights, and Halls of fame. A lot of good quality
writers appear, such as Derick, Trus, Abis, Fantom, etc and a large Taps freight section, closing
on an ENC crew special with plenty of international systems from man of the moment, DART.

The magazine is available for £9.60 from their online shop here, one i would definitely recommend.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Out n About Bristol

August 14

Trains on Trucks

Random flickr time. While waiting for a delivery i came across a flickr group called 'Trains on Trucks'
A good page to waste some time, plenty of interesting shots and plenty of graff. Only checked out the
first page, if you find anything the drop us a link via our Facebook inbox.

Thursday, 7 August 2014

Competition Time

COMPETITION TIME! We're giving away everything pictured but the table! In association with

Paint, clothing, markers, mops, sketchbooks, Magazines, books, music, stickers, even a train!
What more could you want? 

To win all this, like the NotGuilty Mega Zine page, then share the picture on your wall by 1st 
September 2014. Christmas will come early for one lucky winner, revealed on 3/9/2014.

 Good luck!