Wednesday 8 April 2015

The beginning of heat in Belgium?

The number of cases of graffiti on trains has quadrupled since 2010, to 2175 in 2014
(approx 6 incidents per day). The findings show the annual cost of removing the graffiti
in this period rose from 1.1million euros to 2.5m.

Minister of Mobility Jacqueline Galant explained the surge, vandals choose public
transport as their favourite target because of the high visibility it gives as the wagons
travel from city to city, sometimes for months, and in rare cases, years.

'The new Desiro trains are providing an attractive target' - In the course of this year, a
plan of action will come into effect, including joint actions between security forces
and the cops, to improve security at overnight parking areas.

'These figures prove that it is high time to act against this particularly costly and disturbing
trend in vandalism.' says Vincent Van Quickenborne of Open VLD. 'We support the action
plan of the SNCB and hope it will yield quick results in order to reverse the increasing trend
of attacks on the trains. The possible penalties for the offences range from one to six months
imprisonment and a fine of up to 200 euros, plus costs and damages.

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