Wednesday 8 October 2014

Ten Year Tourist

HANGFIRE are proud to present: TEN YEAR TOURIST

A raw and uncut photo/video exhibition from one of the U.K’s most prolific international graffiti
artist; Donny ‘MIDAS’ Steel. 'TEN YEAR TOURIST' explores the lifestyle and adventures of
MIDAS during his first 10 years as a train-writer. The exhibition will include documentary style
photography and video shot by MIDAS, as he travels through various international transit systems,
with eyes fixated on one goal…to write on trains.

Whilst most of us holiday abroad, crowded together with other like-minded Brits exhausting
the sandy shores of european coastlines, MIDAS shows us his idea of what being a tourist
means to him.

Show opens 7pm, 7th November at HANGFIRE - 49 North Street Bristol. BS3 1EN