Friday 13 June 2014

Caught in the Suburbs.

Storm-stranded train on the outskirts of Dortmund.

An attentive witness noticed a large group of vandals spraying a storm-stranded S Train and called
the police around 3.00 am, due to the large amount of vegetation and limited access in the area, a
police helicopter was requested. One male was found lying on top of a shed, a vandal already known
to police from the Dortmund area, a younger male was found in Bushes alongside the tracks.

Trains remain stranded in various parts of the Ruhr area due to recent storms, so police and air
support are keeping a close eye on them until they can be moved to safety.

All those arrested were released after the necessary paper work was completed, pending
investigation into the cost of the damage and other factors.

Found by Rats & Thugs
Translated by NotGuilty