Wednesday 19 March 2014

NotGuilty x Sugar

So we were lucky enough to receive a couple of boxes of the new Sugar paint made by Ironlak,
marketed to be a healthier, less odorous alternative for the more health and environment conscious writer.

I'd already heard good things from an Australian friend, mainly that the valve was a lot nicer to use,
so one Sunny March day i got some paint together and painted some hoardings in south Bristol.

Upon opening, the colours were really bright, almost fluro looking. It laid out nice thick layers on
the black surface, and what i'd heard was definitely true, you could hardly smell it and i likened it to
feint smell of emulsion. Also the valve was definitely easier to use, felt a little looser and took less
finger-strain to use than standard Ironlak. All the colours i received were nice and punchy, and as
with any brand, i was interested in the Yellows. I had 2, Toffee and Lemon Squash, i gave Toffee
a try to full the tops of the letters but it didn't cover too great so i swapped this for Lemon Squash
which went on real nice.

When it came to the line work, i used the stock skinny cap that came with the can, decent lines, no
fuzz and hardly any drips. Overall i was real stoked with it and would happily use Sugar instead of
Ironlak in future, the price is a little more, £3.60 on Graff City but worth it, especially for those
who've avoided Ironlak for detailed or commission work in the past. Maybe one day the price will
be bought down and if thats the case i could see this being really well accepted and competing
heavily with most of the decent brands out there.

So thanks to Graff City for hooking us up, and AVT / Sugar for the hard work on the new paint,


NotGuilty x Sugar Paint 2014 from Not Guiltymag on Vimeo.