Friday 14 December 2012

NotGuilty Children of the Can pt2 Review

So, last week i had a chronic case of the drippy nostrils, and feeling weak, and in a feminine state, 
my arm found itself reaching for a book about legal walls and stencils. Haha, only joking, i was 
infact embarking on the conquerage of  Felix 'FLX' Braun's latest mammoth of a book 'Children of the
Can' part 2, with over 70 pages of updates, on influential graffiti writers who live, or have visited 
Bristol. I was lucky enough to receive a free copy for review by a good friend of mine from
 Pontypandy at the opening night on Stokes Croft, a good evening may i add!

Covering everyone from early pioneers like Bandito and Inkie, through the likes of Paris, Acer, Demz, 
to more recent writers and crews like 3DOM, DBK and the ADNS . I was glad to find my 
favourites such as Mr Ponk, Sickboy, Ames and his boys and RPM. A few odd entries, a photo of 
someone painting over a projected image and some who probably haven't even filled up their
first disposable camera, but a good coverage nonetheless, it takes so long, that when you reach
page 115, they have even provided you with some spare toilet roll, thats the true generosity
of Bristolians shining through, i've used mine already!

All in all a good read and with such fine quality craftsmanship (made in the Czech Republic) COTC II
is definitely a recommended shelf filler. You can get your own copy from Tangent's own site, or pop 
into King Of Paint in the Bear pit.