Wednesday 7 March 2012

KONY 2012

"This is a picture that i gone and done of a man that is called kony and he is a idiot. when i was at 

my mums house yesterday she showed me a video on her computer about a different country with 
a man in it who steals little children who are really tiny away from their mums when they are sleeping 
and he makes them do horrible things that are worse than any film even a boxing film and in the 
video that my mum showed me on her computer there was a mum in it that had her little girl taken 
away from her but she didnt look like a mum anymore and she didnt smile like a mum anymore and 
she didnt even laugh like a mum anymore and that made me feel sad. and i think just because 
something horrible is happening in a different country or town or village then it doesnt mean that 
it isnt even happening at all and i think that if more people want to stop the horrible things that 
is happening then they should just all go together and do it because the more people that go 
together means the louder that their footsteps will sound when they are going to stop the 
horrible thing from happening and the man that is called kony will know because the footsteps 
will sound louder than anything that he has ever even heard before in his life even louder than a 
massive wolf or a explosion. Chris (Simpsons artist) xox"

This video went from 8 views a day until monday, it has hit over 2m views a day since..