Wednesday 28 March 2012

Cope v MUL

So Cope2 tried to get back at Utah and Ethers snitch post, and had a bunch of rants on various
blogs and forums (see here) and then a threat to The London Vandal (here)

And in the end Ether decided to give his response on 12oz, its a long read but ridiculously funny. Enjoy.

Oh Cope… How funny (and truly entertaining) it is to watch your dementia and bi-polar disorder at it’s finest. As for whatever image you are saying that Utah or I created to “fuck with your image”, rest assured that we have neither the time to waste nor desire to make funny internet memes about you. And at this point, our feelings about you are more than apparent, so we have no need to make anonymous internet jabs at you. Anything we want to say, we can post on our own website and under our name, just like we did when we posted our paperwork that exposed you for being the snitch that you are.
It is hilarious how you think that everyone who talks shit on you is us. The fact of the matter is lot of people simply don’t like you, and see through all of your bullshit and manic state of mind. You know that Utah and I don’t like you. You know that we know you’re a snitch. There is no trying to persuade either of us otherwise. You attempts of blaming other people is not going to change the facts (which we have in the form of government-issued documents). You claim to be street, you claim to be a “real MOFO”, and all sorts of other nonsense. When in reality you’re crying like a little bitch over two petty charges, and blaming everyone around you. Not once did Utah, Ovie, Doe, Poes, Jaes, Fews, Ket or I or anyone else who had a case for trains in NYC ever cry or complain like you’ve been crying and complaining for over a year now. And most everyone’s cases had more charges involved than yours does. You just look like a child in need of attention, or an adult who has forgotten to take his bi-polar medication.
The fact of the matter is that you do a fine enough job making your self look like an idiot without any outside help. Your snitching, your poor life/business choices and the overall manner in which you conduct yourself all “disrespect” your image more than either of us ever could. Do we think it’s funny when people make fun of you on the internet? Yes, of course. But honestly, if we had the time/desire to photoshop internet jokes about you, they would be way funnier and we would go in way harder on you. Do we care that you think we made them? NO. If it makes you feel better to think that every slanderous thing posted about you on the internet comes from us (instead of realizing that there are A LOT of people that don’t like you/think you are corny/see how fake you are), then go right ahead and continue to live in your dreamworld.
You want to talk about snitching, well we find it interesting that you once again decide to dry snitch information on the internet pertaining to our location and legal situations. Funny too how you indicate that you obtained this info from Nino, and Dubroff, both of which are part of NYPD’s Transit Special Investigations Unit ( AKA: THE POLICE). So you yourself admit that you are presently engaging in conversations with THE POLICE. And moreso, the same police officers that you rated me out to in the paperwork we posted on out site:…nesday-week-1/ . We’re assuming that they are the same people you got your “Utah snitched on MUL crew/ovie/you/etc” info from. It is pathetic that you talk to the police, and even more pathetic that you believe everything that they have to say. It is interesting how the police for years have told writers that you’re a snitch, and in your mind it is untrue, and they are “lying mofo’s”. But when the cops say the same things about others, you’re all ears and take everything as fact. You can’t have it both ways. You should learn a bit more about the law, the police can verbally tell you anything, regardless of whether it’s true or not.
You might be better off to do your own homework in regards to us, instead of listening to what Vandal Squad, SIU, the police and whoever else you talk to has to say. No one is running and hiding in Japan, or anywhere else for that matter. You really need to slow your roll, your “gangster” appeal of “selling rocks” in the 90s doesn’t make you a gangster. It just make you another idiot from the hood, and no one is impressed or fooled by you or your antics.
As far as “my boney ass getting punked” that is far from the truth, and you know it. You were the one making physical threats via email and internet message boards for about a week straight before we ran into each other at Union Square. Neither Utah nor I ever made any physical threats towards you. However, I was more than willing to fight you, and I made that more than perfectly clear when we ran into each other. That is something neither you nor your girl can deny. You literally stood on the sidewalk in front of the movie theater, and told me you wouldn’t fight me. I have no respect for you what so ever. Utah and I actually respect your girl more than you. While you were standing around not doing shit, your girl did attempt to punch Utah once. Though it is pretty delusional of you to say she “punched Utah in the face”. In our world ( and the world in which most of the non-delusional population lives in), it doesn’t count as punching someone in the face if you miss and don’t actually punch them in the face. I suppose it’s too much for you to be honest and admit that, YES, your girl swung on Utah, YES, her aim was way off, YES, the edge of her hand barely brushed by Utah’s face, NO, full contact was NOT made, NO, NO marks were left, NO, Utah was not hurt, knocked out, bruised up, or whatever else I’m sure your going around and telling people (Plus, your girl apologized after for trying to hit Utah, saying she was “sorry for being so ghetto”). Seriously, if you want to call that a punch I could claim that my left jab that skimmed your chin was a punch. But you don’t see me going around saying I punched Cope in the face.
You also fail to mention that your girl tried to punch Utah in the face in front of all the security INSIDE of the movie theater, and you jumped in front of your girl and pulled her back before anything else could happen. And that as you were pulling her back the movie theater security came over and then I offered to take it outside before they could call the police. Funny, the little details you leave out… The fact of the matter is that at the time I was on parole and multiple probation orders (that if violated would accumulate to a 3-5 year sentence) and I was still willing to fight you in the middle of Union Square. Utah was on probation out of 5 different districts, looking at similar violation sentences. You had 2 petty charges that at the time were complaints courts (way before supreme courts) that you had not been found guilty of, and had no bail to lose. I was wiling to fight. You didn’t want to fight and so you backed down, simple as that. You insisted that we take the paperwork on our site down, and we refused. You did nothing about it. You had your chance, and you stood there, pacing back and forth, huffing and puffing, and not doing jack shit (seriously though, you were breathing so heavy we were actually worried that you were going to have a heart attack right there on the sidewalk).
Something you need to realize is even if you do knock me out or fight me it does not change the fact that you are a snitch. Punching me or Utah is not going to beat the snitch out of yourself. There are consequences for every action in life. We’ve dealt with our consequences over 3 years ago now, and have both moved on. Your actions are that of a bitter, jealous, insecure person, and sadly, you will have to deal with that for the rest of your life. Neither of us are bitter or jealous. We don’t blame you entirely for our cases, as we’ve also said before. It was a two and a half year long investigation, a lot more than 1 snitch or one statement made that case what it was. Do we respect you in any way? NO. We told you as much straight to your face at Union Square. Both of us have also told you that we want nothing to do with you. I’ve never even painted with you in my entire life. It embarrasses me that that people even think I was ever affiliated with you. You were always one to start beef with people who are doing bigger and better things than you, just to be able to squash the beef and become “friends”/”collab”/come-up off of them. You did it with SEEN, PJ, JA, the list goes on. It’s been your M.O. for years now. I wish you would learn to keep both of our names out of your mouth, on the internet and in real life, but it seems unlikely that you have that much self control. We really want nothing to do with you because of what a shitty person you are, but neither of us have been ones to back down from a fight. You, on the other hand are renowned for your popcorn antics. You puff up all big and talk a lot of shit, but at the end of the day, you’re as soft as popcorn. You did nothing when I saw you in person, but once you get home to the safety of your keyboard, you’re a big man again. I guess it must be comforting to know that if your “art career” falls through, you have your career as an “internet gangsta” to fall back on. Oh and congratulations on figuring out how to turn the cap locks off. Things in 2012 are looking up already!
In the end, what you need to realize is that no one is afraid of you. Both myself and members from my crew and have fought people of all sizes, including people your size and bigger. My reputation precedes me, I may be a lot of things but one thing I am not is a pussy. I was locked up with quite a few people you know from the Bronx, they can vouch that I’m not afraid of a fight, regardless of anyone’s size. I’ve taken beatings before, the threat of an ass whooping is not a tool you can bargain with me about. You can’t intimidate either of us into respecting you, and you certainly cant intimidate us into not knowing that you are a snitch. At this point, we don’t know why you have to keep posting the same grammatically incorrect threats over and over on the internet. Seriously, you sound like a broken record/a whiny little baby who is so desperate for attention. Why you feel that physical threats need to be posted on the internet for the whole world (including law enforcement) to see is beyond us. We told you that we’d see you when we see you, and we will. You don’t see us posting in your thread, and you don’t see us with your name in our mouths. But here you are up in our thread, all “Utah” this and “Ether” that, which just proves to us that at the end of the day, you ain’t nothing but a fan.