Sunday 1 January 2012

The real cost of the buff

The remover costs £35 for 50 square feet. I imagine the worker is on minimum wage of about £6 an hour.
A big Panel is about 20 square feet thats about £18, would take less than an hour to remove a panel, and
the train is already out of service as the buff is executed overnight, or during off peak hours.
£24 to remove a panel. My charge sheet quoted prices of £2500 for a panel..

It is clear that the prices are ramped up purely for public effectiveness. Prices like that quoted in
the media feed public queries of why train prices are so vastly inflated. They also ensure those
caught receive excessive punishment which could never be justified if real-time prices such 
as the above were quoted in court. Its easy to see why so many countries are relaxed on the 
subject, i guess if they've no need to justify train fares theyve no reason to invent scapegoats.