Sunday 15 January 2012

Gypo cotches

Anyone who's spent much time in Italy (perhaps its similar elsewhere) will notice
that every single bit of abandonment, which you often end up walking through,
gets snapped up by gypsies, and the gov' just seem complacent in letting it be..
I imagine it sorts out the homeless situation, unlike the UK which leave hundereds
of thousands of abandoned blocks (elephant & castle) empty, and squat-proof, just
so they can save a buck on not having to evict anyone when the time comes, twisted
morals if you ask me. Sometimes the inhabitants can be really nice and we've even been
shown the right windows to get to the yard (Milan), but as soon as night falls you get
the most ultimate 'Im going to rape you into next month' looks and sometimes even
chased out, quite surreal, but i'm happy for em' for making the most of it.
Once the bank balance reaches target im outta' here, gonna go cotch with them with 
my own bucket for a toilet and hang towels on the wall n shit.

abandoned building in italy, gypsies graffiti, becky & stace urban exploring parkour photography