Friday 28 October 2011


Good luck mate

A HULL vandal has admitted causing more than £20,000 of damage to England's railway network.
XXX, 22, has pleaded guilty to eight charges of criminal damage.

The graffiti vandal struck at stations as far apart as Hull, London and Birkenhead, causing major disruption for passengers when trains were taken out of service to be repaired.
British Transport Police (BTP) graffiti specialist Sergeant Pete Shaw said: "Some people consider graffiti to be art.
"In reality, it is nothing more than selfish vandalism that not only scars the railway environment but contributes to the fear of crime and costs operators thousands of pounds."
xxxx, of the Roundway, west Hull, was finally caught spray painting the railway arches near the Corn Exchange in Leeds on June 6 last year.
He was arrested by the British Transport Police (BTP) and released with a caution.
However, Sergeant Shaw linked xxxx to crimes across the UK rail network by investigating his graffiti tag and movements.
Binney was re-arrested in August and charged with eight criminal damage offences.
He appeared at Leeds Crown Court yesterday and will return for sentencing on November 3.
Mr Shaw said: "The British Transport Police takes criminal damage in the form of graffiti on the rail network extremely seriously. We seek to catch and prosecute those who commit such crimes.
"Graffiti is an attack on the community and the environment. It is anti-social and destructive."
He said the costs of cleaning up graffiti were borne ultimately by passengers in increased fares.
"The costs of graffiti are substantial for the railway industry in terms of repairs and clean-up, and can leave permanent scars on the infrastructure," he said.
"Trains are taken out of service for cleaning, sometimes for days at a time, causing disruption and delays for passengers."
First Transpennine (FTPE), who run services from Hull's Paragon Station, had a train covered in graffiti by Binney in Cleethorpes last year.
The vehicle had to be taken out of service for two days.
FTPE had to deal with five similar incidents in 2010 to 2011 which cost the company more than £100,000.
Billy Vickers, FTPE's police liaision officer, said: "Vandalism on the railway is a crime that affects more than just the appearance of trains.
"It is a dangerous and thoughtless act, that has a major impact on the service that customers receive.
"Graffiti causes trains to be cancelled and disrupts journeys.
"We will continue to work with British Transport Police and the courts to pursue, prosecute and convict those that damage our trains and our stations."
First Hull Trains, which was also a victim of XXXs graffiti, declined to comment on his court appearance.
Trail of vandalism
JOSEPH Binney's graffiti appeared on:
A Northern Rail service at Leeds.
A First Hull Trains service at Hull Paragon Station.
A First Transpennine Express service at Cleethorpes.
A Merseyrail service at Birkenhead.
A Wensleydale railway service at Leeming Bar.
A London Underground train at Wembley Park.
A GB Rail Freight Coal Wagon in Hessle.
A Network Rail bridge in Bentley, South Yorks.