Friday 30 September 2011


In both good and bad news, NotGuilty Issue 6 has managed to sell out in about 
a week. This issue saw an unprecedented number of orders, from both shops
internationally, and you lot alike. We're currently looking at arranging a pre-order, 
which i stress, may take its time, a week, 2 or even 3. If you would like a refund, mail us 
where you can then go and order a copy from Graff City or one of these. If you are happy to 
wait, your patience and custom is really appreciated, and i'll throw a little something extra into 
all the orders that haven't yet been sent out/recieved. If you ordered anything else, tee, book, i 
will send that on its own. Safe (Please note the website is still taking orders which 
will help with the reprint)