Friday 2 September 2011

Lil' adventures.

So we were sleeping on the hilltop, over looking *****'s main yard. 
It was about 2am and we had had a few hours sleep before our action, i was dressed
so while * got his gear together i took a walk down the hill to scope out the lightest
but most covered spot as i wanted to spend about an hour on my piece. 

I headed back up to * at the top of the hill.

'Who were you just with?'
'No one mate i just walked down along the fence and back on my own'
'Nah i just saw you with someone down by there'
'Nope i was on my own mate, maybe my shadow against a wall?'
'Nah he had a hat on'  'Bullshit mate!'

So we cautiously took a walk down the hill and had a look around, all of a sudden
 'PSsssstPssst!' I peered into a bush and saw 2 shook guys staring out at me, 
then instantly recognised them as being 2 guy we had chatted to in the paint shop.
They were releaved it was us, and explained they were about to go in to paint the 
double decker 2 lines in. They offered us a place next to them, but were only planning
on spending about 15 minutes, so we declined, but were happy to come in and check for
them. Was pretty nice just sat on a step with * topless, in the Summer heat. They did their 
thing, everything went smoothly, said our goodbyes and half hour later we popped out 
some full colour wotsits with all the doo-daa's. Woke up, got day fliks, and linked them 
at the shop and hooked them up with their pics, good times all round.

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Images - Partoftheplan
Words - TGT