Monday 16 May 2011

Placard poster competition

Political sloganeering used to be the realm of overpaid 'creatives' who wear black rimmed glasses and play table football most of the time before doing lots of cocaine and churning out something like 'We're all in this together.'

Well times-they-are-a-changing because according to Radio 4 we are living in the Golden Age of the Placard, meaning everyone is coming up with their own political messages.

This is probably due to the conjunction of two factors: 1) there is loads to protest about at the moment as the living standards of the average person are going to hell in a handcart, while bankers wearing suits made of money look on and laugh, and 2) texting and instant messaging stuff through sites like like Whatsapp and Twitter have trained us to communicate in short form meaning we feel more able to say something which may cause one to LOL or LMMFWBAO.

Don't Panic has teamed up with Diesel's School of Island Life to give you the chance to see your own message printed multiifold and distributed across the country through Don't Panic packs.

Follow the instructions and upload your entry now. Voting will open 24th May and close midnight BST on 6th June 2011.