Tuesday 24 May 2011

International Topsprayer Review

Today it was that time again, my quarterly delivery from Publikat, the German publishers.
 And boy did that set my plans for the day out! INTERNATIONAL TOPSPRAYER day for me and my household.

Those following the facebook will have heard my updates as i read, this was like one of those nights
 where every status is related to X Factor, for my friends, except it was just me, and it was about a graffiti book.

Its difficult not to just photograph all the good bits and upload them to show you, for a start i dont have
 enough memory on my 16gb card, and secondly, they hava managed to keep SO much off the net that i
 dont want to come in the way of that.

Most of the time you are used to a book full of mediocre panels and actions, then you get to the section
 of some top writer and your juices start running, then your a bit sad when it goes back to the normal
 stuff, but not with this book, your brain actually gets tired from turning the page to endless burners,
just when you think you have seen the best wholecar concept in the world, an even better section comes along.

These guys have colour schemes that pop off the train further than a blind Indian riding on the roof of the
 Bombay Express on a windy day, and as for paint, they must literally have the stuff growing on trees,
 how the fuck do you do 17 panels in one night? No REALLY?

Some of the stuff in this book, i would have never even thought about, ever, where they come up with
 their ideas i do not know, its like the people against the, (buffers, security) help them out with creative
 photo's or situations that make your jaw drop. Its great to see other favourites in here such as Cyrus,
 Hells, Ratsel and Porer.