Thursday 31 March 2011

Sketch for me!

Ive been workin on this for a while in private talks, but i thought i'd put it out there.

I've been sending out outline packs, consisting of a couple of A3 NG templates printed
onto a nice recycled paper stock to artists around the world, complete with a stamped 
return envelope. Im trying to get a good section of such in the next issue, but its also
a great way of building a personal collection of which is already looking good.
So far i've sent or received sketches from the likes of Heavy Artillery, What collective, DWS,
 PMS, JAWN, Vampires crew, Ether & Utah and more, but if you would like to receive a pack, 
just fire me a mail with an address in, and if i dont know you some sort of imagery for me
to go on as i have to be selective to some extent due to print and postage costs. 

So get on it! Look forward to seeing what we get... M