Thursday 10 February 2011

Vandalskematiks II

That NotGuilty lot, always wanting shit from us...

 Some of you may have been sent one of our train pads recently, if not you can grab on here. We plan on filling a load of pages of a future issue with a collection of filled in outlines, from top names to our loyal readers. So either fill in the one you've already got, buy one from the shop, or download a limited selection from here. If you'd like to post them to us (please do!), id advise printing A3 on a nice thick paper stock and folding to A4 to post, just email for our address. Alternatively if you would like to receive a pack of A3 outlines with a return-to-us stamped envelope, just email us with your address and a sample of your stuff, NG is my magazine, and its your magazine, we can all have our part.
Go team.