Tuesday 18 January 2011

Wherez my shit yo?

So yeh, after a few people didnt read the info on the Issue4 page in the shop about mags being posted from 18th Jan, ive had plentiful 'wheres my mag' messages so i thought id explain our operation here, and why we would appreciate a bit of patience during this first week.

NotGuilty was setup from home, and has always been a lo-fi, Do-as-much-myself kinda venture.
Its not a full time job so i have to balance it with a busy work and study schedule. We are a small team with only 1 or 2 of us at any one time working on getting stuff together and out there. Everything apart from the mag itself is printed in-house, so obviously requires a great deal of effort and time compared to just paying someone else to do it. In preparation for the release of issue 4, we have had to:

Spend a week on rough layout and pic collation.
2 weeks (including christmas day) putting the mag together on indesign.
Print 50 free tees, alongisde the other 10 in our collection.
Iron, fold and tag all the tees.
Print and bind 100 copies of the trainline sketchpad.
Screen print 400 cotton carriers (god kill me now..)
Deal daily with printers, advertisers, stockists and promotions.

On Friday we sold over 200 individual copies, every order needs stuffing with its respective freebie into an envelope, addresses written and crossed off the list and checked up to 3 times, carted to the post office (this issue is more like a photobook, its thick and only physically possible to hold about 50 at a time!) stamped up, paid for and sent. All this along side a degree, some sleeping, a bit of drinking, shitting, eating and painting. So i apologise if your order didnt come as fast as you'd expected, i am working flat out, before uni, on my lunch break, and up till 2/3 am packing and getting loads ready for the post office.

Your support means everything to us, and i appreciate you holding tight while we get your stuff to you. Your getting a shit loads of free stuff too so you got that to look forward too. Peazz out.  Midey and F-Mann.

^order forms from the weekend :os x