Have you got a sketch you'd really like to see on a t-shirt? An illustration? A vector, some text, type, anything? We are looking to produce t-shirts unrelated in design or logo to NotGuilty, but that will hold the NotGuilty label in the neck, kinda like Threadless. Most clothing companies don't have their name or logo on the front of every t-shirt they produce, and thats the way we want to go here at NG, there are literally NO design specifications.

How to Enter
Send us your design to editor@notguiltymag.net, along with the name you would like to be credited with during voting. Please dont send photographs of sketches, scan them in, while previews can be accepted for voting, all designs must be also available in vector form, or for non vector entries, must be able to be enlarged to A3 with zero pixelation.

How you win
We will take entries for 3 weeks, then upload all entries to our facebook page where they will be voted for by our fb crowd for the 4th week of the month. The top 3 will be selected and then a final design chosen by the NotGuilty Team upon discussion. The tee will then go to limited edition print of around 40, and be available in the store.

What you win
The chosen winner that month will receive a selection of tee's in their winning design, a cash prize based on sales, and a bunch of NotGuilty magazines.

After all there are NO specifications, so go for it, what have you got to lose?